Saturday, March 04, 2006

Salon de l'agriculture de Paris

Today I went to the Salon de l'agriculture de Paris, along with everyone else in France, it seems. But after the first wine tasting, I stopped being bothered much by the crowds.

There were no live birds allowed at this year's salon, although there were a few reminders of them.

This plastic goose looks so shy.

After a couple of hours of wandering around, I got a bit hungry. Maybe these guys can tell me where to find some vegetarian food?

Oh, an organic restaurant, surely they'll have something veggie.

Upon closer look, no, they didn't. But that was okay, I was happy to find an excuse to fill up on cheese, wine, chocolate, and candy. The salon comes but once a year, in any case.

Say cheese!

Health food (or as close as I could find). I know there are some vitamins in there somewhere.

After feasting, it was time for the main attraction. There were over 3,000 animals at the salon, there to win prizes in the concours agricole.

Drumroll........will the winner please stand up?

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Anonymous Lee (Quelebu) said...

Nice hand gesture from the guy on the Saucisson stall, he obviously over heard your comments about vegetarian food!

In the US you only use 'the finger' but in the UK we use two (something to do with the exchange rate?)

In fact the two finger 'V sign' (note its the opposite way round to Churchills victory sign) is the traditional sign of abuse handed out to the French by the English. In the time of Henry V, the English long bow was the 'weapon of mass destruction' because of its range, accuacy and penetration. English archer's, if captured by the french would have the fingers of their right hand cut off, so that they would be unable to pull a bow. The two finger salute was a taunt to the french in battle by the English archers - showing off their bow pulling fingers.

7:44 PM  

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