Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Meat UP?

This weekend I went to a vegetarian meet-up that I found on www.meetup.com. I got to the restaurant, and the hostess asked me which group I was with. When I said, "Avec meetup point com," a very indignant fellow-veggie at a nearby table turned around and said in an alarmed voice and a heavy French accent "Meat? ... Meat UP???." I think she thought our group was some sort of "Up with meat" activist league that had come to spy on the vegetarians or something.

Quite a large number of other diners had turned around and were looking at me accusingly. After I explained "It's not that type of meat," she calmed down, but it was a tense moment. At least now I can say I've met at least one French vegetarian, although not under the best circumstances.